Live Longer, Live Healthier

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Health care is failing, we have a solution.

Med Layer is an intelligent system that knows human health. It’s automated, users only share data to computers. Using encryption, the system keeps the user's information private, so only they can decrypt it. Share anonymous data only when you want help or want to contribute to the health of others.

With advanced mathematical models, the system will help identify signals about a user's health. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. A picture is enough for the system to begin assessing the user's well being.

The deep learning software puts patients first. Until now, only large institutions like hospitals had access to machine learning meant to improve patient outcomes. It’s time for a change.

Automating health using computer vision offers an exciting future, where people’s longevity can be increased. That is the mission of Med Layer.

Read about the Med Layer token in the whitepaper


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Thaddeus Eddie Jones


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Marcin Rybicki

Ai Developer

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Javier Alvarado Quesada



Machine Learning


Developed by Google, it's what powers Med Layer to make predictions.

Block Chain


The largest crypto currency, it provides a system for smart contracts.



Based on a core technology to the internet, Node helps us create things fast.

Financial Interface


An alternate client for Bitcoin, it provides access to the block chain.